Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jewish Literature Challenge 2010-2011

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NOTE: I am holding this challenge again because it's seems to be fairly popular but this will be a self run challenge. I won't be posting linkies for reviews or offering related posts or anything. The only thing I will be doing is approving comments for this blog and adding any new members who wish to post on this blog.

What: Reading books by Jewish Authors or about Judaism
When: December 1, 2010 (First Night of Hanukkah) to April 26, 2011 (End of Passover)
Who: Anyone who wants to participate! Bloggers or Non-Bloggers alike
Where: Right here of course! You can also post your picks and reviews to your own blog if you have one.

  1. Read 1 book that fits the criteria
  2. Read 3 books that fit the criteria.
  3. Read 5+ books that fit the criteria.
How Do I Join?
Sign the comments on THIS post to join the challenge. If you have a blog, you can leave your url if you want. I will NOT be doing a participants list this time. If you don't have a blog just mention you are joining.

You still have the option of being a member of this blog. This allows you to post you reviews here which helps make a good directory of Jewish Literature. You don't have to have a blog to join this one but you do have to have a blogger profile. Get one free at

If you want to be added to the blog, please include your email address. (put it like this to prevent spam: yourname AT yourdomain DOT com) in your comment.

Are you wondering more about what books are okay?
Fiction, Non-fiction, memoirs, Adult books, Teen books, Children's books, books about the Holocaust, books about anti-semitism, books about Jewish Life, Jewish Culture, Jewish Customs. Books by Jewish Authors no matter what the subject.

See side bar for links that might help or check out the archive to see what participants read in the past.

Anything else?

Books don't count if you read them before the start date so keep that in mind.