Saturday, March 21, 2009

ATTN Participants

Most of you probably think I fell off the face of the earth completely while the rest of you figure I just gave up on this challenge blog. For that I am SO SORRY.

I was 4 months behind on adding some of you to the participants list. The challenge is getting close to the end but I DID add you. If you are participating and don't see yourself on the list, comment here and I'll add you.

For those who requested an invite to this blog, I sent them, so again, if it doesn't come, comment here.

I hope everyone is enjoying their reading. Don't forget if you aren't a member of this blog, leave a link to your review so we can all enjoy them. I'll make a post soon with links to all the reviews people have added to the comments.

Also please label your posts if you are posting to the blog with your name and the type of book, subject as well as type of post (like wrap-up etc..)


  1. Hi Calista-

    I have chosen books from the Projcet Gutenberg website, but we have been having internet connection problems for about 2 months now. Can I have an extention? Also my book blog is a disaster. I have decided to put my challenges into catagories, instead of listing them alphabetically, so pardon the mess. Thanks, Judy (Intergalactic Bookworm)


This challenge is no longer officially running. It's being left up so you can find good books to read and read the reviews. Comments are moderated and are NOT gone through often. So don't expect to see your comment show up fast.